About Us

Our Mission

“If I were to reach a stage in life when I could no longer take good care of myself, how would I want to live?”

That’s what we asked ourselves. Then we went about creating senior living environments to match that vision.

Heritage Retirement Communities is that vision. It is an innovative approach to senior living that breaks the institutional mold and helps older adults thrive in a setting much like their own home.

Our mission is to create a home for older adults that we’d want to live in.

Our values drive that mission.

  • We believe in the timeless imperative to honor and care for elders.
  • We treasure elders for their life experience and wisdom.
  • We strive for continuous learning and improvement.

The care at Heritage Retirement Communities reflects those values.

Come visit and see the difference for yourself!

About Our Director

Nathan Steinmetz, director of Heritage Retirement Communities, knew there was something missing in the choices of residential care for those who can’t live independently anymore.

“Senior care had become so commercialized,” he says.  So Nathan developed a better model of senior living, one that would offer residents a quality of life that large, institutional facilities were not providing.

“Throughout this process my standard has been, ‘would I want my parents to live in this home?’  If it’s not good enough for my parents, then it’s not good enough for anyone.”

Once satisfied that he could offer the kind of safe, comfortable, welcoming home he envisioned, Nathan opened Heritage Retirement Communities’ first home.

“I’m learning something new every day,” he observes. “And our residents and their families are my best teachers.”