Choose Heritage Retirement Communities

Heritage Retirement Communities is an innovative approach to senior living that breaks the institutional mold and helps older adults thrive in a setting much like their own home.
Quality Care
Having one live-in caregiver makes all the difference in the world.

The caregiver in residence is like a head of household who makes sure all activities of daily living and property maintenance are attended to.

Hourly caregiving staff comes in to support needs of residents and the overall household, but the resident caregiver is a warm and constant presence that residents come to trust.
Privacy and safety that feels like home
All residents can enjoy a spacious private bedroom haven.

Support from trained caregivers is available when needed for activities of daily living.

Each property is equipped with state-of-the-art assistive technologies, like devices that help seniors live independently and dementia management solutions.
Family-like atmosphere
Each Heritage site is designed for a limited number of residents, which fosters a family-like atmosphere and built-in socializing.

The resident caregiver is a regular companion and a trusted presence for any issues that may come up.

Residents are permitted to use the kitchen for their own home-cooked meals, if desired.
Heritage helps residents find purpose by planning meaningful activities, both on site and off site.

That might mean a bridge game, a walk in the neighborhood, or a one-tank trip to a local attraction.

Residents are encouraged to continue to do things that are important to them, like gardening, crafting, or playing a musical instrument.

Heritage Success Stories

Still Happily Married, After All These Years

Marie and Kurt were married for 50+years. Kurt was aging with good health, but Marie was suffering from dementia. Their daughter lived nearby and came to their home daily to care for them. She arranged for homecare through an agency for a few hours each day. Though it was a labor of love, caregiving was extremely stressful and physically difficult for her.

The paid caregivers weren’t consistent or reliable, especially after COVID hit. Regretfully, she discussed finding a long-term care facility with her parents, and they agreed that a move would be for the best. When they toured Heritage for the first time, they were delighted to find such a warm and home-like environment where they could live as husband and wife in a shared bedroom. The decision to move became much easier for all of them.

Bringing some of their favorite furnishings eased the transition for both. Kurt found a new friends to share a game of cards, conversation, and the joy of music. Their daughter still came to visit daily, but she was relieved of the constant burden and worry. When Kurt suffered a sudden heart attack and died, Marie grieved.

Fortunately, the couple had made the move to Heritage, and Marie’s care continued, uninterrupted by the crisis.

Feeling Safe, Secure and Social

Ida had been a widow for many years and was self-sufficient in her own apartment. One night she got up to go to the bathroom and fell. Luckily, she wasn’t seriously hurt, but she couldn’t get up and remained on the floor for hours waiting for a passerby to hear her cries.  

The fall prompted Ida to subscribe to a medical alert service. However, she still didn’t feel truly safe. Realizing that another fall could result in a crisis, she decided to look into assisted living.  

Looking back on her decision, she recalls how much she just wanted to be able to eat supper in her bathrobe, rather than having to get dressed to go to a communal dining room at a large assisted-living facility. Ida feels well cared for at Heritage.

She is especially happy to have what she calls a computer coach, who has helped her manage Zoom and stay in touch with family and friends during the pandemic.

More than Just Surviving... He’s Thriving!

When Joe was in the early stages of dementia his son Steve impressed upon him that he shouldn’t live alone anymore. Joe moved in with Steve’s family, but he wasn’t happy about it and things didn’t go well. Steve was excited to learn that there was a Heritage Retirement Community nearby, which would allow for him to visit often.

Joe moved to Heritage Retirement Communities, bringing many of his family photos and personal belongings with him to ease the adjustment. On more than one occasion he tried to leave. Heritage staff kept Joe safe, with the help of assistive technology.

Having a live-in caregiver who Joe felt comfortable with was critical for his adjustment.  He now considers Heritage his home. He enjoys washing the dishes for the household and has taken up gardening. Joe has not had a dangerous incident in over a year.